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Introduction to forest biodiversity educational system

Introduction to forest biodiversity educational system
WWF - France et Réserves Naturelles de France. Its aim is to discover the tremendous biodiversity of natural forests and the need to protect them.
These 12 workshops contain dans in the log of this true life-size tree aim to:
1. Creating an interest in a little-known ecosystem: the life of the natural forest.
2. Develop a questioning approach among visitors.
3. Linking diverse information and knowledge for a global understanding of the eco-forestry system.
4. Make visitors understand the need to have a responsible attitude for the protection of the forest.
This tool is organized around 12 workshops contained in the trunk of the tree. The pedagogical approach is playful and multidisciplinary.
The following topics are developed:

Journey to the heart of a virgin forest
Tree memory
The forest age seen from the sky
The metamorphosis of the forest without stumps.
Nothing is lost, nothing is created.
Biodiversity on all floors
The large inventory
Il est super mon HLM !
I'm hallucinating
The association is a force
Let HECTOR live

Publics visés :

Hector is suitable for the school public (schools, college) and the general public from 7 to 77 years!
It was mainly designed for group work under the guidance of a teacher, accompanied by a mediator or a facilitator. In order to ensure the success of this visit, contact must be made beforehand with the mediator. This meeting will start with a visit of the tree for the teacher and will lead to a preliminary preparation (content, and distribution of groups). Indeed, the phases of appropriation of questioning, manipulation, debate and reporting of the collected information are based on the exchange and group dynamics. The natural forest approach is done by the theme itself and is not linked to the curriculum of a specific school cycle. However, relationships with multiple disciplines, including science, mathematics, French, can be adapted as closely as possible to the teacher’s expectations for the classroom.
However, its use by an unsupervised individual visitor is possible, for free and general public access (discovery in autonomy). The "explorers" and "answers" sheets allow a work of discovery in autonomy.

Prices :

90.00 euros
by class with coach
50.00 euros
by class in autonomy with the teachert

[ group of 10-15 children maximum 3 workshops per class in 1/2 day
possibility of mixing with a marquetry workshop or a guided tour of the museum ]


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