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Marquetry and furniture settled in Revel.

Revel is known as the city of art furniture since the end of the 19th century. A cabinetmaker from Versailles, Alexandre Monoury, settled in the town in 1988, manufacturing pieces of furniture, copies of styles such as museum copies covered by marquetry decorations.

In 1930, Golden Age of the City, 140 workshops and 700 workers attracted buyers from France and  around the globe. Still today, several workshops contribute to Revel's reputation in this scope.


The creation of a place of memories.


The idea to create a place of memory to shelter this exeptional heritage was born in the 70's under the impulse of Revel's municipality and Revel's wood sector.

A building, men, events, all these ingredients mixed with a municipal will permitted, since 1992, after 2 years of study, to transform the “Furniture's Hall” - point of sale of the craftsmen from Revel created at the start of the the 60's – in a Conservatory of Wood and Art Furniture Professions located rue Jean Moulin (in 1994). (opposite photo)

This area sheltered a permanent exhibition presenting the wood sector and old tools used in wood professions. It was ran by an association and Guy MOTYCKA was its first president.

New buildings completed the space of the museum in 2001 and tripled its surface (900 m2).

This extension permitted the creation of a workshop, a video room and spaces dedicated to the wood sector, to the forest professions and to the furniture arts & crafts. An arboretum took shape in the courtyard.


In 2003, the Conservatory obtained the 1st place in the “cultural tourism of private initiative” category by the Regional Council.

The museum expands in a first instance in 2010.
Since 2014, an exhibition room is called “Geoges Artemoff” (1892-1965) from the name of the Cossack painter, emigrant in France at the start of the century. He lived several years in Revel and was burried there.

In 2015 ends the rehabilitation of “the Seneshal House” - which is adjacent to the museum - obtained by the city of Revel. This dwelling from the 16th century is made up of two beautiful rooms whose authenticity had been preserved. Two imposive hearths enables original senography. This frame welcomes numerous temporary exhibitions ever since. 



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