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28th of June - 7th of September 2019 extension until 22th of September !

Exceptional exhibition of the final work of the Lycée des Métiers d 'Art de Revel. 30 young designers and restorers of furniture exhibit in a scenography designed and realized by the students. Most of the pieces remain on display until Heritage Days!

At a time when so much information has never been stored which has never been so perishable, the theme for students is :

« Mémoire Vive »


« The act of creation inevitably amounts to leaving a trace. Whether it is a material or intellectual production, every creation is a space-time marker through which past generations bequeath to future generations.
Our heritage sections are particularly marked by this imprint.
The theme «Mémoire Vive», thus raises the question of the transmission of a heritage and more generally questions the place of gesture, know-how and craftsmanship in an environment where information is fleeting, the object is obsolete and knowledge in full digital mutation.
In the mythology, Mnémosyne, memory goddess, gave birth to the muses, symbol of the Arts. Art and Memory are thus linked. And in the relationship between an object and its user, the two are imprinted and permeate each other. Memory is both material and immaterial. It is as much the brain and intellectual activity as the image-object through which the memory endures. This intellectual activity is now relegated to multiple technologies that are as many bodily appendages. »

The Educational Team of the Lycée des Métiers d'art, du bois et de l'Ameublement de Revel

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